About Jellison’s Auto


The History of Jellison’s Auto Parts

Jellison’s Auto Parts is a third-generation automotive recycling facility. Jack Jellison first started the yard in 1965. About five years later his son Jess Jellison became part owner in the business. The two of them worked side-by-side for many years. Rarely does a father-son business relationship work so seamlessly, but Jack and Jess were hard working, and dedicated to their business and family. When they started, there were no computers to track inventory, and only one phone line. As the business grew, the team added new technology (including a computerized inventory and an extensive phone system), buildings, machinery, and staff.

In 1997, Jack passed away. Jess’s son Jack (named for his beloved Grandfather) quickly stepped up to partner with his father. Jess and Jack developed the same type of business relationship that Jess had with his own father for so many years. In keeping with modern technology, and to accommodate a growing customer base, a new inventory system was implemented, along with a website that has a 24-Hour parts search. The physical aspects of the business were enhanced as well with additional staff and equipment.

In 2010, Jack Jellison became the sole owner of Jellison’s Auto Parts with the passing of his father, Jess. Jack looks forward to the day that his own children have completed college and are ready to join him as the fourth generation of Jellison’s Auto Parts.

Presently, the 20 acre site boasts two warehouses, a sales office, and three dismantling bays along with our “You-Pull-It” vehicle yard.